Saturday, March 16, 2013

HG Toys Inc Space Shuttle

Today Toys & Stuff is taking a break from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, but we'll pick up that thread in a couple more weeks - or so. Today's toy, the HG Toys Inc Space Shuttle, is something I picked up as part of a small lot which included two of these and a silver Flash Gordon space ship from Premier. This was the first time I had heard of H.G. Toys, Inc., but have since found out they were a maker of novelty toys and offered a lot of licensed tie-in products for movie and television shows. Their proper name is Harett - Gilmar Toys, Incorporated  and had an office in Long Beach, New York. Today's toy is definitely a modern era design with its wedge shape and stark angular lines. and is made from a heavy soft plastic. I call it a shuttle because to me it looks like a one-man shuttle craft, however I don't know what it was originally sold as and also don't know if this was a bin toy or part of a set. In any case it's a neat little addition to the Space Fleet so without further ado - Enjoy!

The HG Toys shuttle next to the 5" Flash Gordon space ship