Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013_05_25 Full Moon

Okay, doin' some more re-posting. I accidentally deleted this post as well from back on 26 May. The photos were taken by my wife Bettina on the night of the 25th. We use the 'Manual' setting on an inexpensive Canon PowerShot A590 set on 'Spot' metering so that it focuses only on the Moon. The details aren't too shabby and often times we'll get clear enough photos by hand holding the camera. Other times we use a tripod. Anyway, for those who had already seen these photos earlier in the week, here's a rerun :-)  Enjoy - Again!

These were all taken in sequence and he camera was hand-held

Okay, don't ask me how the heck we did this. All we did was take the photos and upload them, then when proof-reading the blog it turned out that we had somehow made a .gif image. I haven't a clue what setting the camera was on to be able to come up up with this one.

This too was an accidental .gif but there is far less movement