Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TRAIN TIME: USPS Trains & Locomotives Post Card Series 1999 - Card 18

The Stourbridge Lion holds the distinction of being the first steam engine to operate on United States soil but it was really a technology display and not meant for revenue. The first practical steam engine locomotive had been built in 1814 by George Stephenson, a British engineer but it wasn't until 1825 when the first practical steam engine was developed. America would receive most of its first engines from England and the Lion arrived in New York Harbor in 1829. Railroads had already been in existence for some time but either depended on horse-drawn carriages or wagons or were gravity based - moving coal down mountainsides and such. Forward looking people were trying to find a way to haul more goods and people for less and their vision was set on the latest technology of the time - steam engines. The Lion only ran twice on the tracks of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The run was six miles round trip and although the engine performed well, it was six tons of hardware on track built to support only four tons. Over time the Lion has disappeared - probably taken apart, its bits an pieces used for other engines or scrapped. My Wife & Me Like it and so can you Enjoy The Berg's :)