Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Sky Pics: June 2, 2013, Fiery Orb

I've been posting a series of photos on my facebook page titled 'Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics' for some months now, being a compilation of photos taken since about January 2012. Most of the photos have been taken by my wife although I do on occasion manage to get off a couple of shots, and she's been able to capture some really nice moments with our simple little point-&-shoot camera. I may start posting some more of those here. 

Right now there are wildfires raging in California and those fires are causing our skies in the Valley to be quite hazy. What little cloud cover there is, is obscured by the haze but it has meant a really cool photo op, seeing that big, bright, fiery orb hanging there in the sky. Some of the darker pictures were the result of me playing with the camera settings. Anywho, Enjoy!