Friday, June 28, 2013

Flintstones Mugs - Pt 1 Mammoth Mug

Up until now Toys & Stuff has been featuring small scale Flintstones figures and cars, and such. For a few weeks I think we'll hit upon some of the larger items. These 8oz. glass RocDonald's Flintstones mugs were made back in 1993 as tie-ins to the first 'Flintstones' movie and are not really toys but rather practical - and whimsical - accessories. At one time I thought it would be rather neat to set up a small sitting area in The Cave, replete with Flintstones themed stuff like these mugs. However, The Cave is so short on space as it is so there will definitely be no sitting area in there any time soon.

They'renicely detailed and one has to look closely to appreciate the little details molded into them. Two of the mugs were made here in the U.S., while two of them were made in France. The Mammoth Mug featured today is French and resembles a stumpy Mammoth tusk - a rather nice touch. Enjoy!