Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Linemar Old Timer Collection - Pt 6 1914 Station Wagon

Continuing our Linemar Old Timer Collection we have the 1914 Station Wagon. This is a little unusual in that it is the only vehicle in the set to have a year ascribed to it. Most of the vehicles in my set are in pretty good shape but this one is missing one headlight, otherwise it's in decent shape. When I got the set, the hood (bonnet) almost looked to me like a Mack, but as far as I know Mack never made station wagons. Hugh, over at the 'Small Scale World' blog made mention that it looked French and it could very well be Renault - or ?

The toy itself did bring back some memories to me in that when I was growing up, one of the neighbors had an antique station wagon similar in appearance. From my perspective as a wee lad, the wagon stood quite tall. I remember the two (or three?) rows of bench seats behind the driver and the roll-up tarps hanging from the roof. What a wonderful racket it made put-putting down the street! As a bonus I've included some photos of a somewhat later vintage wagon, a 1927 Ford Model-T Station Wagon that I had seen a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

It was here during my photo taking session that the wife steps out on the patio, grabs a fallen branch and hangs it over the car :-) It looks as though one were peering down at the vehicle from a window with a tree out front. Had I more presence of mind at the time, I could have grabbed some diorama stuff and made something a little snazzier.

1927 Ford Model-T Station Wagon