Thursday, June 27, 2013

T. Cohn Naval Base Playset

This week we've been featuring parts and pieces from the T. Cohn Naval Base playset and today we put it all together. There is a caveat though, in that I don't have a complete set. There are at least two fence pieces missing, none of the figures are here, some of the detail parts are gone, and the box is AWOL!. However, there's enough here to still make a really nice set-up. 

The playset consists of two main elements;

1) The tin-litho compound base (22"L x 12 3/8" W x 1" H) comprised of the warehouse, huge dock crane and staging area all of which would normally be enclosed by soft plastic fence pieces.

2) The docks consisting of: a paper seawater mat (22" L x 12" W); four tin-litho piers; and three ships (destroyer, aircraft carrier, freighter)

The overall height fro the bottom of the base to the top of the crane is 14 1/4"

I decided to just plaster a whole bunch of photos from a variety of angles so you can get a feel for what this thing looks like. Enjoy!

You'll notice I forgot to attach the masts on the Freighter when I took these shots - oops!