Monday, July 15, 2013

2013_07_14 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics

If you follow the blog every day you've already noticed there was no Batmobile yesterday. That's because we spent nearly the whole morning and afternoon out in the back yard pruning our two trees. We couldn't get the higher branches - we'll have to call someone in for that - but were able to get the lower branches. The bottom line is we're all POOPED! I am still hurting :-(

However Bettina and Shelly did manage to snap some nice pics of the sky. I do love these photos. The sky out here is like an ever-changing canvas on which Mother Nature never tires of creating new art work. Enjoy!

The following photos are by Bettina Berg::

This was taken in the early morning hours before we started the yard work. Bettina isn't sure what setting she had on the camera but this green sky is sooo cool - and weird! Looks like an alien landscape :-)

The following photos are by Michelle (Shelly) Berg