Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013_07_25 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics - Big Fluffy Clouds

Herliche Weisse Wolken gegen Mittag und der Mond von Heute Morgen,Temperatur schaetze um 40 Grad. Ich hoffe es gefaellt euch - Bettina

(Beautiful white clouds this afternoon and the Moon from early morning. The temperature was about 104°F. Hope you like.)

- That was earlier in the afternoon. By the time I came home from work the temps had reached a 113°F. And those beautiful clouds come at a price with the higher than normal humidity and dewpoints.

Today's post features more moving shots. When that first .gif was posted on the blog some weeks back - that of the Moon - we couldn't figure out how it happened. After reading a bit more it became clear that a .gif generator is built in to Google's Picassa web albums from which the photos are pulled for use in the blog. We're still feeling our way around the process but two things are clear: 
-ensure the tripod remains STILL
-the .gif generator works - usually - on a minimum of five photos. It's apparent that it takes a whole bunch more than five to make a really neat pic.

Another thing we're learning: if you're gonna try to get cool .gif's out of things like the Moon or clouds, don't snap a pic every second. Rather, snap a pic and wait a couple/few seconds then snap again. Give some time for the movement to progress. Anywho, we think it's kinda neat. Heck, we're no Ansel Adams but this stuff should be fun right? First we'll show the still photo followed by the .gif. Enjoy

There's no .gif for this one

Starting here we have some motion...

Okay, so as I was loading the above photos to the blog, I hear Bettina yell, "QUICK, GIVE ME THE CAMERA!" - okie dokie

This is what she rushed out to photograph

This .gif is generated from 67 photos

...and this one came a few minutes later.