Friday, August 2, 2013

1990 Fruity Pebbles Large Fred Flintstone Figure

Back in 1990 when the Flintstones were riding another wave of popularity, Post Cereals had released a number of cereal premiums based on Flintstones characters. Most of them were the small type found inside the box but there were a couple of large figures in separate packaging which in turn was attached to the top of Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes. Only two figures - a Fred and Barney - were offered in this larger size. Fred is made of soft vinyl and is attired in a jaunty sailor's outfit and stands about 4" tall.  The Barney figure too is attired in sailor's garb and understandably is a little shorter. After buying this I simply decided these larger figures weren't my 'thing'. I have always preferred the smaller sized figures - like those made by Marx - anyway. The bottom line is, I took photos of this Fruity Pebbles cereal premium and then sold it shortly thereafter. In any case, if you're a budding Flintstones collector you may enjoy the larger size stuff and so they at least deserve mention.We Love The Flintstones Enjoy The Berg's :)

The box is the length of the cereal box on top of which it is placed

You'll notice Fred doesn't take up the entire length of the box

There is a flap which folds down from the side of the box shown above