Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013_08_27 Sunset over Las Vegas

Both Bettina and Shelly were busy this evening taking photos. Las Vegas made the national news with all the rain and associated flooding - especially the run-off from Mt Charleston. The Kyle Canyon area got over 4" of rain the other day and the flood waters rushed into the Valley bringing with them the charred remnants of the Carpenter 1 fire. It was said the torrent smelled like ash and the chemicals from the fire retardant used to quell the fire was frothing about - yech! Fortunately for us though that was all in the northwest part of the Valley and we live in the northeast. As a matter of fact, our neck of the cactus saw very little rain. The system bringing in all that moisture is still with us and the clouds have made for some beautiful pics - Enjoy!

First up is a still and .gif from Bettina

Next, a few stills from Shelly