Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marvin The Martian Figure and 1998 Subway Marvin The Martian Pencil Case

Saturday's on Toys & Stuff is reserved for Sci-Fi and Fantasy and I s'pose it wouldn't be complete without at least one post of Warner Bros. Marvin The Martian, that way out, whacky dude from Mars. After eighteen weeks of working on the Premier Plastics Flash Gordon Space Ships I thought it would be a nice change of pace to do something a little lighter, cartoony, and as I do have a couple of Marvin The Martian toys now's as good a time as any to post them.

There seems to be a gazillion PVC Marvin figures out there and it took me a while to find the one that I thought would fit well with the space ship. I like that he has his little flag and looks as if he is claiming new territory for Mars. The pencil case itself was part of a series of toys offered by Subway for Marvins' 50th Anniversary. The set consisted of:

1) Marvin Blue Clipboard 
2) Marvin Purple Ruler 
3) Red SpaceShip Pencil Case 
4) Marvin Shuttle Stampers

Maybe one of these years I'll get Marvin's hapless little dog companion. Until then - Enjoy!

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