Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013_09_01 And today's weather report is…

I think it's the weather. Yup, it's the weather draining me of energy because I didn't feel like doin' diddly squat the last couple of days. But that's okay because we've been able to sit outside and enjoy the ever changing scenery in the sky. Clark County, in which Las Vegas is situated, has been under a constant flash flood watch or warning since last Thursday and the cloud cover has been fairly constant. But I really do love it. Imagine if I posted a picture like this every day:

And then saying something like, "Hot and sunny today," and repeating that every single day - BORING! I'm firmly convinced that too much sun and blue sky is just as depressing as not enough so when the clouds roll in it's a welcome relief.
(the reality in the photo above is Bettina tried to take a pic of an airplane but it eluded her)

The wind driven cloud cover in a sky juiced with moisture presents an ever changing canvas upon which Mother Nature constantly provides us with new works of art.

Now take a peek at some of the shots captured by Bettina and Shelly yesterday:



From Shelly: