Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013_09_14 This and That

Bettina was busy again today first photographing birds, the sky, then the Moon, then Saturn. I'd turn around to say something and she'd be gone in the backyard capturing the moment. Speaking of birds, we were just talking to friends the other day (who are also on facebook with us) and they mentioned how we always show a lot of pigeons. Now, pigeons are not exactly our favorite bird but they sure are plentiful! I noticed that it didn't matter what bird fluttered into our backyard, none of them are colorful. Here in the desert everything seems to be gray, tan, or brown. Except for the blackbirds which are, well, black! Even our favorite avian, the Road Runner (which we've had wander into the yard before), isn't at all colorful BUT it is still a beautiful creature. Our friend suggested we try hanging up hummingbird feeders. I tried that before. All I attracted was insects! However every now and again I do see hummingbirds flittering about. Oh well. Here's today's potpourri of photos.


Saturn is still hanging around the evening sky

...and Shelly was busy as well capturing beautiful Big Sky moments