Monday, September 16, 2013

Japan - 'H' (Hayashi) - USAF Bus

Here we have another one of my Air Force related toys, a nice USAF medical bus from the Japanese firm Hayashi which measures 8" (20.3cm) L x 3 1/8" (7.9cm) W x 3 3/4" (9.5cm) H. The design of the bus would put its manufacture probably in the mid-1960s or thereabouts (I have no reference books which show the bus so that's just an educated guess). I've noticed that in the late '50s  to mid-'60s there seemed to be a fair amount of toy Air Force vehicles or helicopters decorated as Red Cross or first aid conveyances. It would be interesting to find out if Air Force officials worked with toy companies to promote its more humanitarian side, which by the way really does exist and is still very much a part of the Air Force way of life: flying aid and humanitarian missions to all parts of the globe for anyone in need.  In any case it is a nice addition to the tin-litho USAF fleet. Enjoy!

Although the photos don't show it, there's a hole on the driver's side seat where a tin-litho driver would have sat. The seat cushion pattern is very similar to Cragstan cars featured here on Toys & Stuff.

The Haysahi trademark, an 'H' siiting in the middle of a diamond formed by four arrows.