Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ravensblight Manor - Pt 3 final

Ravensblight Manor is now finished. It only took about ten hours spread over three evenings to complete. The trees which came with the kit weren't used because at some point I believe it would nicer to use wintry trees either from Lemax, or of the type used for model railroads. The photos below show the house on and off its base. I prefer not to permanently glue the houses to the bases to allow more flexibility in future placements. I did notice one thing about this series of buildings. Each house comes on a really nicely done base but there are no stairs leading up to the plot! I guess the residents of Halloween town just fly or float up to the buildings :-) There are some spots I'll need to touch up but if I never get around to it, the model will still be a nifty display. Enjoy!