Saturday, January 25, 2014

All Metal Products Co - U.S.F.D. #999 Plastic Ladder Fire Truck - White

Another entry from the 'Forgotten Photos' archive is this All Metal Products Co. ladder truck. We blogged the red body/white ladder-&-wheels version back on Nov 5, 2010, shortly after the blog was started. The photos shown here today were taken a year later in 2011 and there they languished on our hard drive until now - talk about procrastinating! It's a pretty sure bet that when this toy was new it would have been a nice bright white, but has since yellowed with age. You'll notice the the ladder and wheels on the red truck featured back in 2010 do retain their nice white color. Enjoy Wunderbar From The Berg's :)

From a 1951 catalog, here we see our little fire engine poking out of a Wyandotte tin-litho fire station
The cost for this pair back in 1951? $1.19

Beautiful Feuerwehr Auto Wunderbar :)

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