Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sun # ST05 'Master' Truck - Army

Over the past couple of months I have been preparing a bunch of photos of what we call 'space' or 'futuristic' cars and this year, hopefully, I'll be able to show them here. Let's start the new year with a vintage futuristic vehicle made by the Sun Rubber Company of McKeesport, Pennsylvania. 

The Sun Rubber Company was founded in 1923 by John T. McLane, Joseph L. McLane, and T.W. Smith, Jr. The firm's first product was a tiny doll-sized hot water bottle followed by a small rubber doll. By 1935 autos had joined the line but, like other companies, toy production ceased with America's entry into WWII. It was during this time the government asked them to produce child-size gas masks which were eventually designed by Walt Disney himself and took the shape of Mickey Mouse. Production resumed after the war but apparently toys stopped being made in 1955 while other products took their place.

The truck featured today was probably produced during the Korean War when interest in military toys hit an uptick. The truck was painted in silver trim and there were several brightly colored schemes available and measures 5 5/8" (14.3cm)  L. One of the problems associated with collecting Sun toys is actually identifying them as such as they are easily confused with toys made by the Auburn Rubber Company. As a matter of fact, this truck was bought on eBay by a seller who identified it as Auburn. Enjoy!

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