Friday, February 7, 2014

Las Vegas NV,7 February 2014,Weather,Bird's,Sunset,Chipmunk 1 Photo ,Moon

This Morning we had Fog at the Mountains but later it was Beautiful.I Like it and got some Photos of the Grackle and a short Video of Red-wing Blackbird's I Love them.I also got a Picture only one of another Kind of Bird that I don't know yet what it is.I also went to a Park and was Lucky to get a Perfect Picture of a Chipmunk just one and I Love it.So Enjoy all the Pictures and Have a Wonderful Day From The Berg's :)
OH Beautiful Sunset & Beautiful Moon Enjoy :) Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

Bettina has a new bird capture under her belt. She got this in a park nearby and is called, 'Say's Phoebe'


  1. Beautiful photos as usual, Ed!

    Many thanks to you and Bettina for all these images! Desert of Nevada is a really beautifull place!

    Greetings from a really hot saturday (40° Celsius) here in Brazil!


    1. 40° Celsius!! Holy Cow!! Mauther, we won't see that (hopefully) until June or July. And Many Thanx for the kudos. The skies are at their best out here when it's partially cloudy, because then the sun gets to paint the heavens with beautiful patterns and colors.

      Greetings from Las Vegas at 15° Celsius (59° Fahrenheit)

      Ed & Bettina