Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beautiful Marx #400 Engine

I'm in a time crunch again, the last few days having been spent culling Marx train cars from what I've begun to call 'Smaug's Hoard', photographing them, and putting them up for sale on various group sites (no eBay). Sooo, I'm relying on some old, old photos (2009) of Marx's venerable #400 switch engine. This was one workhorse of an engine and Marx included it in many low-end sets, but I gotta tell ya, these things ran like champs! It's not unusual to get one that hasn't been run for decades, put it on the track and have it zip around like a new toy. I've included some early attempts at Photshopping as well. Enjoy!  My Husband And Me We Love The Trains They Are Beautiful Wunderbar Dankeschoen Fuer Diese Schoenen Fotos & Last es euch gefallen The Berg's :)

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