Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wendy's 1989 The Jetsons Special Edition Space Vehicles - George Jetson

The Jetsons were a popular space-themed cartoon which first aired in 1962. Produced by Hanna-Barbara it was the first program aired by ABC in color. Even The Flintstones didn't start airing in color until their third season, even though they were produced in color. The Jetsons had a re-birth in the '80s with new episodes being produced for syndication from 1985-87.

Today we're starting a new series on Toys and Stuff of The Jetsons Space Vehicles offered by Wendy's in 1989. I like this set because it includes the six main characters: Goerge, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro, and Mr. Spacely. Rosie the Robot Maid was left out, but then she did only appear in two episodes of the original series. The figures sit in one of three types of vehicles; a saucer, a wedge, or a star all with free-rolling wheels underneath. None of them have canopies and the riders are open to the 'sky'. We'll look at a kids meal box they would have come in and then take a look at George in his saucer ride! Enjoy From The Berg's :)

The insert below is common to all six vehicles

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