Friday, March 28, 2014

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #2946 Untouchables Header Bag Set

Long after the 1950s hit TV gangster drama The Untouchables stopped airing it remains a hot item for playset collectors, at least the original Marx toys associated with the show. A complete original Marx Untouchables playset can go for big bucks and the tin-litho buildings command premium prices as well. But for those who can['t afford to take out a second mortgage on their house just to buy original Marx toys there's a cheaper alternate - the sets made by 'Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A.'. Marx had factories all over the world and when the parent company went out of business, many of their plastic toys were still being produced south of the border under different names. I covered their large playset on 2, 3, 4, 5 July of last year, this year we're looking at the smaller header bag set.

The biggest difference in their sets is the use of brightly colored plastics as well as the inclusion of '50s era Marx repo vehicles and various accessories culled from other Marx playsets. Repo figures are also available on the market in complete sets of silver and sometimes gray plastic - a lot less gaudy than those featured here today although I suppose one could re-paint these.

This header bag set consists of:
-14 figures in seven poses
-2 Beer vats
-Cement Mixer truck
-11 pieces of furniture

Same casting as above but with hat

The plastic used in these sets is quite brittle. This G-Man is carrying an ax with a broken handle. Unfortunately the handle wasn't in the bag so couldn't be glued back on.

Ya know, sometime Google is so frustrating. These were edited to bring out the black background and highlight the white, yet when they download to Google's photo albums all color editing is lost. It almost always happens on figures taken against dark backgrounds.

Here the color editing 'stuck' and the background is nice and black the way I intended it to be.

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