Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014-04-14/15 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse

Well, Bettina, Shelly and myself stayed up last night to catch the Lunar eclipse. What a blast! I used the old FujuFilm camera for these shots while Bettina used the Cannon and she'll probably be posting her shots later. The FujiFilm camera is pretty much on its last legs and I was real surprised to be able to get these. None of these have been altered - no Photoshop enhancements - just basically from camera to blog. Enjoy!

The star at the top is Mars

I haven't a clue what star this is immediately to the right of the Moon

But a beautiful rust colored moon.

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  1. That Was A Beautiful Night Watching The Moon We Enjoyed it Very Much <3 :) The Berg's :)