Thursday, April 3, 2014

Americana Souvenirs and Gifts Item#98512 American Civil War Accessories Set

Today we're featuring the Americana #98512 American Civil War Accessories set which is a companion to the Andersonville stockade which, hopefully, we'll be posting next week. I'm not really going to go into the history of Andersonville today but will cover it when the stockade is posted. Today's set is actually one which can be used multiple ways: to populate the Andersonville stockade, to use as battle figures, to use in a camp scene. The simple tent and makeshift lean-to could have found in any theater of the war by both sides. The Union poses are made in such a way that they could either be prisoners or just resting at camp. 

But that brings me to another observation. This set impressed me as kind of a Jekyll-&-Hyde creation. On the one hand there are some nice Confederate sculpts, albeit sloppy in the amount of flash and mold marks which show - one figure even looks like it went through a food processor! On the other hand the Union sculpts are often clumsy and amateurish with little detail and hats that appear to be three sizes too small!! Terrible.

Set contents are as follows:
-Union: 26 figures in 4 camp poses
-Confederate: 8 figures in 7 poses
-6 white tents
-6 lean-to's, each consisting of a cover and two supports
-6 camp fires

My set was missing pole for one of the lean-to's


Could this be Captain Henry Wurz, Commandant of Andersonville?

Advancing, Rifle Across Chest Pose 1

Advancing, Rifle Across Chest Pose 2

Advancing, Rifle at Side

Kneeling, Loading Rifle

Union Camp Poses

This guy can just as well be a civilian standing on his front porch

Notice the silly cap - it looks like carnival monkey for cryin' out loud!

Probably the worst sculpt of all and my vote for the worst ACW figure of all time. It looks like they slapped him together using Playdoh, made a quick casting mold, and called it a day - TERRIBLE!

Comparison Shots, Magic (Hingfat) (L), Americana (R)

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