Saturday, April 12, 2014

Conte 1861-1865 Union Infantry Set #1

Next up in our series of plastic Civil War soldiers is this great offering from Conté Collectibles Ltd., (also known as Conteco), the 1861-1865 Union Infantry Set #1 from 2003 in 54mm scale. Conté has been offering fine toy soldier sculpts since 1999 in a wide array of subjects ranging from Ancient Rome, to Vikings, the Zulu Wars, Civil War, etc., and many of the sets are tie-ins to some of our favorite history-based motion pictures. Their figures come in plastic and metal, painted and unpainted with premium painted metal sets being rather pricey. I was fortunate enough to latch on to this one set some years back and can now feature it here on the blog. Enjoy!

The set has eight figures in eight poses

Flag Bearer
Much better than some of the flag bearers we've featured recently here

Standing Firing Rifle

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Advancing, Rifle at Side 1st Pose

Advancing, Rifle at Side 2nd Pose

Standing, Rifle at Side

Standing, Loading Rifle

Standing, Pistol Drawn

From left to right: Conté, Toy Soldiers of San Diego, Marx, Americana

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