Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cape Canaveral Rocket

I need a break from the Civil War so here's a quick post of a real nifty find, the Cape Canaveral Rocket on bubble card. The maker is unknown as there's is no markers on the packaging. The back of the card is blank and I can't see any markings on the toy itself, but it does have the 'feel' of a 1960s ('70s ?) era toy, but I could be wrong. While I have no problems opening up bubble cards wherein the plastic 'bubble' is attached by staples and can be re-attached, this one here is glued on and so will remain in its packaging. I sure would like to get a loose version of this one day. As a collectible it can appeal to a variety of collectors like space, Cold War, Air Force or airport enthusiasts and more. Enjoy!

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