Thursday, August 7, 2014

MPC 60mm Breech-loading Cannon

Okay, time to re-engage with the Civil War toys - although I am working on some other series. MPC was a major player in the 1960s Civil War toy scene and they ended up having some fun stuff. Many toy collectors think only of Marx when it comes to Civil War, because quite frankly they were the best. But back in the day kids wanted this stuff to play with, not to collect and MPC gave them much of the same fun stuff as Marx: exploding bridges, firing cannons, wagons, tents, and lots of figures but at 60mm they were BIGGER (the exception of course is the very limited 50mm line of Civil War figures MPC made)! The figures and accessories were scaled to 60mm and being bigger meant they simply had more presence. While Marx offered a Napoleon style muzzle-loading cannon in their Civil War sets, MPC offered this nice breech-loading in blue for the Union, and gray for the Confederates. However, MPC did not offer any figures specific to a cannon crew like Marx did and the average MPC foot soldier had to stand in as a cannoneer. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

Normally there would be spring attached to the two posts however mine is missing. It wouldn't make much of a difference though as the parts are now so tight on my cannon, there's no real free movement That makes this a nice display piece.

Here, a 60mm MPC ring-hand soldier has been assigned to a cannon battery

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