Friday, August 8, 2014

MPC 60mm Ringhand Confederates

MPC ringhand's are legend among those of us 'of a certain age' (aka 'old farts!). These figures were ubiquitous during the '60s and were found in bags of little green army men, Civil War soldiers, pirates, firemen, cowboys, etc., etc., etc.! Part of their charm and popularity were all the different accessories that came with them which added to the play value and at 60mm they fit in with Rel and Marx Warriors of The World. And what the heck, in a pinch they could be found squaring off with 54mm figures.. There were some drawbacks though. Generally, there weren't nearly as many poses as with, let's say, Marx. The accessories are stiff and don't 'wear' naturally on the figures as you'll see in the photos. And then there's the hats! aaaargh! I remember those things being particularly bothersome as far too often they were too tight and kept popping off of the figures' heads.Still, I have fond memories of these and as an adult collector have a soft spot for them.Enjoy! Fritz and Berg Berg

I don't have a complete set of Confederates or Union figures or accessories but between the two I've figured out how many poses there were. Note that the poses were the same for both sides with each side being differentiated by color: When weapons and such are not molded directly on the figure, it can be problematic assigning a name to them because they could be tasked for multiple duties. Here's the list of figures and accessories (subject to change should I discover more):

-Wagon Driver

-Officer Hat
-Cartridge pouch

IMPORTANT: Folks, if you intend to display your figures, I highly recommend buyin repo accessories as the originals are prone to going brittle with age and may break into many small pieces. Trust me, I know from sad experience :-(


This is not a complete set for the Confederates (see list above)



This is one figure which is hard to imagine doing anything other than firing a rifle


This figure can be used as simply a marching soldier or litter bearer


This figure could be fighting with a sword, or firing a cannon, or...

It's plain to see here just how stiff and unnatural the bandanna and canteen hang from the figure

The rifle doesn't look too bad on him though

Wagon Driver

L-R: MPC 60mm, Americana 54mm, MPC 50mm

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