Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kenner 1997 #64276 Batman & Robin Batcave Micro Playset - Pt 3

We're wrapping up our look at the Kenner 'Batman & Robin' Batcave MicroVerse playset by highlighting its operating features. This is a set packed with secret chambers and hidden escape routes and includes the Batmobile and Freezemobile to ensure the action is non-stop. So, on to the action - Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

High atop the watch tower, waiting for Commissioner Gordon to flash the Bat Signal

Batman and Robin both have private chambers - dressing rooms?

The bottom cave module has three distinct partitions: Mr Freeze's Ice Chamber, the Batcave, and the Museum


The Ice Chamber door raises and lowers to allow egress of the Freezemobile

The vehicle elevator has the most action. There are two vehicle storage holders which are manually raised and lowered

Let's walk through the action.

The Batmobile is parked in its bay and the elevator is on its way up the shaft

The elevator has been raised...

...and with a clockwise turn is locked into place

The vehicle storage holders are raised into position...

...and the Batmobile rolls onto the elevator platform

Turn the platform counter clockwise and lower... that the vehicle can exit via the ramp

There is a slot in the back wall to give the Batmobile a nudge out of the shaft

The Museum floor is in place

Remove the floor...

Place the Freezemobile on the elevator platform (this was designed for the Freezemobile - the Batmobile is too long to fit in the shaft)

...lower the platform

Replace the Museum floor and the Freezemobile is ready for its escape

lift up on the tab to raise the platform and...

...the Freezemobile makes its exit

There's a tab on the back wall as well to raise the Museum elevator


  1. Had this toy as a kid (long gone now), brought back some memories :) Thanks man!