Monday, April 6, 2015

Marx 1930s Gas Service Station

Here's a nice Marx Service Station from the 1930s. I really love the look of vintage toys, especially the lithographed ones. The artwork is 'of the era' and a modern toy made to replicate an older one just wouldn't have the same feel. Marx made these stations with one and two pumps and this one has cut-outs in the base stamping to allow for the placement of two. It measures 5 3/8" (13.7cm) W x 5 7/8" (14.9cm) D x 3 1/4" (8.3cm) H. Shown here as well are some cars posed with the station for comparison. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Look at thos items in the background. The ones labeled 'L', 'M', and 'H' look like drums. Could they represent oil drums in 'Low', 'Medium', and 'High' viscosity??? Then there's the boxes with an 'X' on them. They appear to be batteries.

Here's a Banner plastic tanker truck delivering a load of gas.

Payton and Banner trucks

A Banner (oops) a Payton coupe


  1. Ed, I've never seen this piece. Thanks for all the great photos! - Paul

    1. Thanx Paul! It's a wonderful bit of nostalgia and I had been trying to get one at a reasonable price ('reasonable' = less than a king's ransom) for years.