Friday, May 8, 2015

Japan - Tin-litho Highway Patrol Helicopter

At first I was going to post this as a Cragstan toy but after looking at some boxed examples of Cragstan helicopters there's definitely some differences, so for now this goes down as 'unknown manufacturer'. It's a nice toy reminiscent of the Bell 47G Whirlybird but with more of a fuselage. My example is missing the rear rotor. You can see the wear marks where one used to be. I think my helicopter had a bird strike because the canopy has got a nice crack in it. But hey, I got it fairly cheap and these things command a fair amount of geld (aka $$$) in excellent condition so I'm okay with it. It measures  6 3/8" (16.2cm) L x 4" (10.2cm) Wing (rotor) Span x   3" (7.6cm) H

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