Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ideal Fort Cheyenne Carry-All Playset

In our on again-off again coverage of Western or Old West style toys be bring this Ideal Fort Cheyenne Carry-All Playset. When I started collecting playsets it was kind of a hit-&-miss proposition. I'd buy something, like it and decide to further the collection OR buy something, not like it and never continue. So it was with these soft vinyl carry-all playsets. Overall I just don't like them even though the artwork is really nice and the interior quite colorful and this set has a nifty fort with integral guard towers when opened up. After buying a couple of different soft case sets they simply didn't have any real appeal to me and as you can see by the photos, some of these playsets have vacu-formed inserts which separate easily from the vinyl case, making it even less desirable. These photos were taken in 2009 - a year before the blog was started - and were meant to sell the item on eBay. The figures shown in the last photo had come with the playset but I have no clue if they were original to the set. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

The vacu-formed insert has separated from the base and is quite flimsy

This integral; fort is nice but those soft, wavy vinyl ramparts make it difficult to stand figures on

Original to the the set or...?

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