Thursday, November 5, 2015

Marx - Marxville Accessories - Pt 18 #3855 / #3856 Chicken Coop White Walls/Green Roof

We're goin' to start posting the Marxville line of plastic buildings. We've already done a bunch of the peripheral items like street lamps, water towers and such, but the buildings are what make a miniature town a town - the houses and business our little train folk reside in. But first let's travel out to the sticks, the countryside where  the people who toil away trying to provide Marxville residents their food live. Today we'll start with a good old fashioned Chicken Coop (the barn will come later).  Marx made a nice little barn and chicken coop but never got around to making a nice old fashioned farmhouse.  Even their large tin-litho farm sets never had a farmhouse. Other brands like Lionel and MTH would make plastic houses quite suitable for the occasion though.

Here's some of the details:

#3855 / #3856 Chicken Coop

  1. White walls, light green roof and trim
  2. Medium / dark green walls, white roof and trim
  3. Light green walls, white roof and trim
  4. 12 pieces of small board fence (white HP)
  5. Tree (‘A’ style tree, green)  (Unconfirmed)
Marx logo: Underneath large roof piece

Size: 8”L x 3 5/8”W x 3”H

Series 2 Farm Animals (54mm, cream, SP):
3 baby chicks
3 baby ducks

Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

I took this picture before I had a clean set of animals. The 'A' tree may or may not originally have come with the set. I'm taking an educated guess that it probably did as Marx liked to include trees with their buildings and it is hinted at on the box artwork.

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