Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Small Christmas Display

I've always marveled at big, elaborate Christmas displays with villages, lots of people and cars, animated gadgets, and so on. But really a lot of us either don't have the room or the energy to do that kind of work, only to tear it down and start all over again next year. But ya know, having been into either scale model railroading and toy trains nearly all my life, the appeal of doing some kind of Christmas village display is too strong. But we're in the same boat so many folks are in - no room for a big display. Ours is a small house and if it weren't for having a garage (aka The Cave) I wouldn't even be a collector, there'd be no room to put the stuff. Then we have the added challenge of trying to find space for the grand baby's stuff, like the playpen, little playhouse, etc. 

But for those limited by a small space there's always a place to carve out a little room for a display. Our German shelving unit has a 21" (53.34cm)  x 35 1/2" (90.17cm) spot up and out of reach of the little one and so is just right for a little display. Because The Cave is in such disarray I pulled the nearest boxes of Christmas stuff I could find. We have some beautiful Little Glitter Houses custom made by Howard Lamey of Florida (all of which have been covered here on Toys and Stuff), along with lighted trees, people and other scenic details from a variety of manufacturers. You may notice a little cartoon type house on the left side of the display. This is a new acquisition this year and was actually a German Lebkuchen cookie box. The backing is simple: three pieces of Navy blue covered foamcore board laying atop white cotton batting.

I know it's not much but it allows us to continue a holiday tradition in limited space. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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