Friday, December 18, 2015

Built-Rite Set No. 7 Army Hangar

Here's a terrific little Army hangar from 1940 by Warren Paper Products as part of their Built-Rite line of easy to assemble paper toys. We've featured a bunch of Built-Rite kits the past few years (with more to follow - hopefully) and this is one of their gems. For me it's a gem not so much because of the graphics -they're practically non-existent - but because of it's small size and compatibility with Marx's tin-litho hangars of the era as well as that vintage look and feel.

The kit only has seven pieces and goes together in just a couple of minutes using the tab-&-slot construction method . Mine was an unpunched kit but the base was already showing signs of handling wear-&-tear so the decision to assemble it was easy. The overall dimensions are 9 1/2" (24.13cm) W x 10" (25.4cm) D overall (including the 'runway') x 4 3/4" (12.06cm) H. The bottom portion of the box is used as a base for the hangar and provides a place for the bottom wall tabs to plug into. That poses a problem by raising the hangar up solved by the placement of a ramp Built-Rite calls the 'runway'. I've only ever seen one hangar that a plane had to roll up into as normally they are with the ground. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


Left wall (as you look at the hangar from the front)

Back wall

Right wall



A Marx 1930s era tin-litho monoplane looks terrific with the hangar. Tootsietoy also made planes which would work 

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