Sunday, April 3, 2016

1968 Post Cereal Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Blue SP

I did promise to post this blue version of the Post Cereal Chitty from 1967 but as it turns out, I needed to retake the photos. But anywho, here is the last of the Chitty's that I have but as stated in a previous post I believe there's a green version as well as the Mexican repos, and let's not forget the 1:43 scale Corgi.. Always on the hunt for Chitty's. I noticed in the Post Cereal commercial for Chitty's video posted last time that the announcer mentioned it made a sound or noise, something I hadn't really noticed before. Looking underneath the car there is a series of cogs on the front axle which rub against a flap on the frame giving it a sound not unlike placing a baseball card in the spokes of your bicycle. However it doesn't always seem to work and you have to really kind of press down on the car while rolling it back and forth to get it to make any noise. Nice little touch though. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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