Thursday, June 2, 2016

Triang SpaceX Base Patrol Cricket P1

I believe I'm finally going to start posting my miniature space toys before it's too late. I began to collect Triang SpacEx, Multiple Toymakers Golden Astronauts, Imperial Toys Apollo Moon Exploring and some others. This whole project began shortly after the blog was started back in 2010 and I managed to acquire and photograph quite a few of these gems. My goal for collecting these was nearly complete, I was really only looking for the carded toys and not the boxed deluxe sets, although a bunch of those did end up in the collection (I wonder how that happens?). Everything was photographed and I was holding out on posting anything until I got one missing piece - just one - and then...
...and then I lost the external hard drive on which all the photos were stored. There was one saving grace to all this. That hard drive wasn't the only place photos were stored on. We saved photos to the laptop, two smaller external drives, and then there were all the photos we already posted on-line here or in facebook. As a result, slowly but surely we've been recovering a great many 'lost' pics. Some were irretrievably lost but we've saved a great many.

All that being said, this kind of started after reading the excellent Moonbase Central blog run by Paul Woods, Bill Bulloch, and Mike Burrows on 'the other side of the pond' over in the UK. Their coverage of these miniature gems was awesome and they've managed to cover not only the toys but the roots of their designs be it from comic books, space art, NASA or other space agency designs, etc. I'm not going to attempt to pin down timelines for when these were made, who made what, what variations appeared etc., I leave it to you the readers to hop on over to Moonbase and take a gander at their posts. 

One day if time ever permits, I would love to build a diorama using these small figures as a basis. This first post features the 'Cricket' a popular spacey Jeep-like vehicle. I had a much large 'Cricket' as a kid as part of the Hamilton's Invaders playsets I got when I was 12. Each card contains either a space ship, a rover, or vehicle and one figure. The figures could be any one of a number of poses made by Triang. 

Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Here's the Cricket posed beside a Pyro X-300 space ship


  1. Great stuff, Ed - get working on that diorama! : D

    1. I'd love to Scoop - just gotta make a little a room (easier said than done I'm afraid)

  2. That is so AWESOME! I grew up in the era of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I would LOVE to start collecting cool stuff like this!

    1. Thanx Aric, you can see a ton more of these smaller space sets over at Moonbase Central, I just started posting my small collection. - Ed