Monday, December 26, 2016

New SpacX Website

A Christmas present to space toy lovers. Yesterday a new website was launched but the day being what it was (Christmas) I didn't get around to posting the announcement. One of the series of toys I was inspired to collect by the gang over at Moonbase Central (see their link in the side bar to the right) was the Triang SpaceX / Apollo Moon Exploring / Golden Astronaut / LP series of small space exploration toys which included everything from earth based launch pads to nuclear space freighter to Moonbase complexes along with assorted all in a miniature bookshelf friendly size. I haven't yet gotten around to blogging most of these gems having lost a lot of my photos in last years hard drive debacle but now there is a website by reader Paul Vreede which covers the history of the toys as well as the wide range of toys by multiple manufacturers. This Herculean effort was started many years ago but has now become reality so for those space toy fans out there you can catch this awesome site at the following link: SpacEx Golden Astronaut

There's a ton of reading here and many, many pics - Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


  1. What a website eh Ed! Mr. V has produced a beautiful vintage toy site about our favourite mini plastic space toys from the Seventies.

    1. Yes, he has done a FANTASTIC job! I'm envious of his abilities/capabilities :-) And so thorough, it gives the Encyclopedia Brittanica a run for their money!