Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TRAIN TIME: Progress on The New Layout

While progress on the new train layout has been slow, some positive steps forward were taken during the past couple of weeks. If you remember I dismantled my old 3-rail O-gauge train layout last year. It took what seems like forever to pull out the tables I didn't want (the old layout consisted of five separate tables/filler pieces all connected to for an inverted 'U' shape), get rid of the large scenery pieces, and pull the two remaining tables together to form an 'L'. This newer, smaller layout still needed work as the surviving tables needed sanding, hole filling, more sanding, and painting. (see photos). Well keep you up-to-date as time permits. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

This table had the large Styrofoam block attached to it with glue. That Styrofoam is what formed the basis of the Plateau on the old Marxville and Plateau layout. Now the glue had to be scraped off and screw holes filled in.

Getting ready to paint the table top. That 1 gallon container of paint is the same one I used five years ago to paint the Plateau! It's a medium brown paint and was still in great condition after all those years just sitting. It's Wal-Mart brand BTW

I used the other section of the layout for storage while this was being painted

Next up...


My first thought was to set up a temporary track arrangemt on this leg of the 'L'...

8' (243.84cm) x 33" (83.82cm)

...but then I changed my mind because this leg is bigger

9 1/2' (289.56cm) x 44" (

I wanted to set these up on the layout just to see once and for all how they look alongside toy trains

The signal bridges connect the backdrops to the foredrops but won't work with the plastic roadbed on Marx 0-27 track

So I replaced the track on the curve with standard track

The scenery is in place

Just enough clearance between panels to allow trains to run

My Built-Rite Business Block has a messed up base. The bottom of the set box serves as a base for the buildings but most of the side pieces on mine were missing... I quickly built a balsa wood frame for the block to rest on

AND THEN, I started playing with trains


  1. About Built-Rite, have you seen the airpor hangar on ebay? It would be a great adition for your collection/blog! The bid isn't expensive, an it is ending in a few hours.

    1. I do have the large airport kit but haven't yet assembled/blogged it. Things here are going slower than they used to and it may be some time before I get around to it - plus there's a gazillion other things I want to do first :-)