Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DBF Cottage Bank / Biscuit Tin

Here is a terrific tin litho biscuit tin / bank in the shape of a small cottage.  It's made by the Belgium cookie maker DBF.  Here Stateside we call them cookies, but in Europe they're referred to as 'biscuits' and it is common to offer these tasty treats in all kinds of nifty containers and many times the containers do double duty: first as a container for the cookies, and when the cookies are finished, either a bank or general purpose container.  I prefer to collect the tins that I can use on my tin plate train layout and this is no exception.  It's perfectly sized and matches beautifully with those hoses made by Skyline and H&H Sales.  The last photo shows the DBF container next to a 'Skyline' tin litho house.  Enjoy!