Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ohio Art #95 Livestock Farm

Here's a nice selection from Ohio Art.  Many people may not remember the name 'Ohio Art' but perhaps remember those little tin lithographed pails that kiddies played with at the beach and the pails all came with a small, colorful shovel.  Ohio Art made other toys as well, like the small barn featured here.  In size it would be comparable to the Marx and Plasticville barns that were marketed for 3-rail O-gauge trains and I've included a photo to show this comparison.  You'll notice that the box in the photo is a tad bit raggedy!  Heck, there's only about half of it left, but seeing as how the original boxes are hard to come by I guess I should be glad to have anything at all!  The set included four fence pieces and several animals.  The animals shown here are brightly colored hard plastic but later issues would have them in a nice tan color hard plastic.  Enjoy!