Wednesday, October 20, 2010

West Bros. Candy Container Engine Co. No. 23

Well Sherman, let's take the 'Way-Back' machine and travel to 1914.  It was then that the West Bros. Company of Westmoreland, PA started a release of 16 different tin-litho buildings meant as cover's for clear glass candy containers.  The cut-out windows of these little gems allowed the kiddies to see the candy treats inside.  The treats themselves were actually in a small glass container holding 1 1/4 oz of candy.  The buildings were quite small, measuring approx 2 3/4" high.  Kids had fun collecting these tiny tin buildings and bigger 'kids' of today enjoy collecting them as well.  A good reference source for these is "The Complete American Glass Containers Handbook" which uses reference designations of E&A.   Today we bring you West Bros E&A 815 Engine Co. No. 23.  Enjoy!