Thursday, October 21, 2010

American Flyer #90 Hyde Park Station

I believe I'll finally post a tinplate railroad accessory, I mean, after all I am mostly into 3-rail O-gauge trains and stuff so sooner or later I gotta put something here that's actually a part of that whole scene.  Today we feature the American Flyer #90 Hyde Park Station.  This is what collector's call a 'Pre-war' item - that is, anything made prior to World War II.  Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly what year this was made because, dummy me, I sold my American Flyer reference book!  DRATS!  For the non-collector I s'pose it's just easier to say that American Flyer was a competitor to Lionel and Marx in the 3-rail tinplate train market prior to the United States entry into WWII.  After the war, American Flyer changed direction somewhat by reducing the size of their trains to the smaller 2-rail S-gauge.  S-gauge was stuck between HO scale an O-gauge and was a very nice choice for those wanting something larger than HO scale but not desiring the toy-like look of 3-rail tinplate.  Enjoy!