Sunday, January 16, 2011

Corgi #77304 1950s DC Comics Jokermobile, New Websites, and New Graphics

Today we have a real treat on 'Toys and Stuff', not only another Batman related vehicle but two new websites to talk about along with - hold on to your seats - an EXCELLENT graphic on the history of the Batmobile courtesy of one the website owners!  

This week I received an interesting e-mail from Corey Sorenson who is the owner of The Brave and The Old blog (no, that's not a misspelling but rather a deliberate pun).  The blog focuses on family friendly comic book reviews and encourages reading by kids through the medium of the comic book.  I remember way back when in the old days (when I had to walk to school  five miles in the snow, uphill BOTH WAYS)  educators used to say that comic books were not the way to teach children how to read.  Somewhere along the line it became apparent that many kids were learning how to read BECAUSE they were reading comic books and it became not such a bad thing anymore.  Parents tended to focus on the Superhero comics and all the fighting they portrayed, but geez, I remember reading those AND Richie Rich and Archie and (oh heck I don't remember the title anymore but it was a about a giant, a very gentle, kinda guy and one of my favorites at the time) - don't recall a bunch a fightin' in those comics!!   Anywho, I digress.  Corey is a Batman fan and between comic book reviews likes to post Batman related articles.  You can reach his blog through the link above or from the links area to the right.    Welcome Corey!

Next,  as a regular reader of The Bat Blog I was blown away when seeing the graphic below which came to The Bat Blog courtesy of Batmobile   After contacting Bill, the owner of the site he graciously allowed me to post the graphic here for your pleasure (the original is one long, large graphic and has been segmented by Tommy over at the Bat Blog for easier viewing).  It is absolutely awesome.  Look it over and drool!! :-)

Bill also has another website called simply and is devoted to modeling.  While concentrating mostly on cars there is a smattering of other items as well and a terrific series on how Bill built the Jimmy Flintstone resin kit of the 1966 Batmobile.  What I found really helpful was the section on modeling tips and techniques - some really neat stuff there folks!!!

Well, now on to our post.  Today we bring you the Corgi #77304 1950s DC Comics Jokermobile in 1/43 scale.  It kinda struck me as odd, but everyone knows the Joker is a bad guy (DUH!), so, I ask myself, why is this knucklehead deliberately toolin' around Gotham City in an over-the-top custom ride???  Same goes for Catwoman, Two-Face, and all the other villains.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if I'm a nefarious type up to no good, I wouldn't want to drive around in a rolling advertisement saying "Here I am, catch me if you can!", I'd rather not call attention to myself and do my ill-deeds nice and quiet like.  Ah yes, only in the comics!  Anywho, Enjoy!