Thursday, March 10, 2011


Let's continue with our look at the Marx #151 '34 PIECE RAILROAD and VILLAGE CONSTRUCTION SET'. Today we'll have a place for our little paper citizens to shop and feature the Shopping Center. As I've stated earlier, these building were originally pretty small in size, but if you insert the images into a Word document you can size them to suit your needs, print them out on heavy cardstock OR self-adhesive photo paper, brace the backs or attach the images to heavy material, and build them to suit your size needs. These buildings were originally made from heavy cardboard and assembled using the tab-&-slot method where tabs on one component simply fit through slots cut out of the adjoining component. This meant that there were originally quite a few tabs but most of the tabs have been Photoshopped out so that wall/roof pieces can be fit flush against each other. However,the tabs on the Shopping Center's roof have been left intact. Looking at the scan of the set envelope, you'll notice these tabs have an odd black-&-white checker pattern and stick out of the walls prominently and in unusual places. The tabs appear to be deliberately designed to stand out vs. the other tabs that were simply functional, and were probably meant to represent awnings or overhangs on the Shopping Center. Well, there are two ways of handling this; carefully cut slots in the walls and join the components OR cut the tabs off and assemble the building as you would any of the others.  In any case - Enjoy!

Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall 3

Wall 4


Envelope Showing Built-up Structures