Monday, March 7, 2011

Marx #5420 / 5424 Freight Station

The Temple of Tin

Today on Marx Monday we bring you a real treat - the #5420 / 5424 Freight Station. This magnificent tin edifice reminded me so much of ancient Greek or Roman temples that I just had to have a little fun with it. My catalog references start at 1951 so I'm not sure when Marx first introduced this toy. The station was first listed as #5420 but by 1954 the designation was changed to #5424.  This is a gorgeous Hunk O' Tin and it's BIG measuring 28 3/4"L (w/o truck ramp on the end OR 36"L with truck ramp) x 10 3/4"W x 8 3/4"H.  

Because of its size it's also kind of an awkward accessory for 3-rail O-gauge train layouts. It came with a variety of figures and accessories generally in 60mm scale making it more appropriately sized for Standard Gauge layouts. There were five different figures in soft vinyl, three different trucks in hard plastic, and many other accessories also in hard plastic and coming in a rainbow of colors.  There were also solid wood crates with details stenciled on them, as well as miniature cardboard boxes that were tiny reproductions of actual brand name commodities, like soaps. Unfortunately I have none of those original cardboard boxes in my collection. Whatever type of layout one chooses to use this with, it will definitely command a significant presence.  Enjoy!

Station Details

The photo below is my interpretation of a ca1952 Sears catalog photo layout.

The Temple of Tin