Sunday, May 15, 2011

Corgi #77361 1930s Batmobile - Chassis Art Collection

Well, I didn't really think there would be anything posted today but somehow I managed to get some photos taken of one of my latest acquisitions - the Corgi #77361 1930s Batmobile from its Chassis Art Collection.  The set includes a nicely done 1:43 scale die-cast 1930s Batmobile, a cool statuette of a retro Batman, and a Certificate of Authenticity all packaged in a nice silver foil and black box. I've said it before that just because something is 'limited edition' that doesn't necessarily impress me, but there were two things which drew me to this particular offering. First was the statuette. I couldn't help but be drawn to this really neat looking 1930s retro Batman. You'll notice that this is the only statuette in the series sculpted in an action pose! All the others are just standing there as if posing for their portrait. This one 'moves'!! The second thing which I liked was the different paint scheme on the Batmobile. If you look at my previous post of 31 Oct 2010, you'll see that Corgi initially produced this car in an all red scheme. The Chassis Art edition is rendered a gorgeous red and black paint job and I believe I like this one better than the earlier version. Let's get on to the photos. Enjoy!