Monday, May 16, 2011

Marx Lone Ranger Silver City Streetfront

The Lone Ranger was one of American pop culture's most memorable figures. Starting as a radio show in 1933 the show became a big hit with each episode beginning with a stirring rendition of The William tell Overture. It moved to television in 1949 and camped out there 'til 1957 being shown first in black and white and transitioning to color. The title characters of the Lone Ranger with his Indian sidekick Tonto were played by a number of actors on radio but it was television's Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels who would be the most memorable. Books, comic books, costumes, and toys were abundant and today we feature one of Marx's tie-ins, The Silver City Streetfront. For those old enough to remember Silver City was essentially the main town which served as the Lone Rangers jumping off point for each adventure.  The Marx version is essentially the exact same building as used for the Roy Rogers Mineral City Streetfront, the only difference being the sign which reads "Silver City". This time around we'll feature more interior detail shots. Remember, this is exactly the same interior art work as on the Mineral City Streetfront. Enjoy!