Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kellogg's UK Paper Village Pt 4 - Village Church (pt 2)

The blog has been doing fairly decent since its first post back in October 2010 and I hope you've enjoyed it so far. I s'pose it bears mentioning that every photo and every scan is something from my own personal collection. The only exception to-date has been the history of the Batmobile graphic which I had permission to include on my blog from it's original poster. What brought this on? Nothing really except after reading a couple of other blogs I noted that sometimes images are culled from other sources without attribution and that's a habit I really don't want to get into. I still enjoy those other blogs, but I think it's best I take the straight and narrow course, goodness knows I have plenty of raw material to work from.

The Kellogg's Village - UK is printed on three sheets folded into five panels per sheet so as to be mailable and many of the buildings are printed over multiple panels. The Church is printed on three panels HOWEVER, it is also printed such that it overlaps the fold from one panel to the next. In order to compensate for that I had to make a separate scan which would properly show the pieces. That means the first sheet will actually be presented in six parts.  A little awkward but it'll all work out in the end. So, now that we're all clear as mud let's just take a peek at more of Kellogg's Village - UK Village Church. Enjoy!