Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kellogg's UK Paper Village Sheet 2 Pt 2 - Butcher Shop & Sweet's Shop & Marx Paper Building

Monday was Memorial Day here Stateside and I spent most of the day in The Cave messing with trains and putting together a train video. Most of my trains are Marx and I thought it would be nice to highlight Memorial Day by running a couple of Marx Army trains on my layout the 'Marxville and Plateau' (The MaP). The Plateau portion of the layout was designed such that I can swap out themes and for Memorial Day I placed vintage and repo Marx plastic barracks, tanks, vehicles, figures, etc. to make an Army garrison. Here's the video if you're interested:

As Thursday's have kind of evolved into covering paper buildings I thought it would be nice to tie-in the Memorial Day train video with a little project I did. You'll notice a small building on the layout (pictured below). This is actually a paper building that was based on a larger Marx tin-litho structure. Over at the 'PapervilleUSA' Yahoo Group one of the members, made the paper template for this based on photos found on the Web. I printed the template on 90lb cover stock (also called index card stock), glued the walls together, braced the inside with strip wood, glued on the roof and chimney and in less than an hour I had a nifty little building to add to the layout. For those interested in a similar project feel free to join 'PapervilleUSA'- it's a new Group and things are being added all the time.

For today though, let's get back to the Kellogg's UK Paper Village. We're looking at Sheet #2 Pg 2, Butcher Shop and Sweet's Shop. There will be 3 more pages to feature on this sheet. Enjoy!